Gertrud Schneider was born in Hermannstadt, Romania, Siebenbürgen in 1965. She lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany since 1986.

Kunstschule Filderstadt
Internationale Dresdner Sommerakademie für bildende Kunst
Akademie am Bodensee für zeitgenössische Kunst

Germany - Stuttgart, München, Wiesbaden, Dresden, Bad Dürrheim, Schwäbisch Hall, Regensburg,
Latvia - Riga
USA - Elizabethtown Pennsylvania, Miami, New York
Denmark - Copenhagen

Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart e.V. 
InterART Stuttgart e.V.
K:UNST Stuttgart International e.V. , Stuttgart, Germany

Creatively active in working with clay and photography from an early age, Gertrud Schneider became acquainted with painting in 2006. To emphasize the magic of nature she succeeds by overlapping of color art tones in mutually harmonious colors. Various pictorial techniques such as acrylic or oil paints, like vanish or in pasty form are combined with some natural materials.

The artworks of Gertrud Schneider reveal motives between barely recognizable and the whole spectrum of the irrational, whereby the border also depicts the connection of the individual with the whole. The work changes in the course of its development process. These are dynamic processes fueled by passion, the own sensual perception and the beauty of the moment.

Her paintings are snapshots on canvas, which direct our gaze to the "energies" contained, within the range of rest and movement. These energies accumulate either as bright colors, almost explosively, or represent the state of harmonious balance. The figurative, the real and the unreal can be discovered, felt and explained by one's own perception.